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  • The Aqua Magnetic Locator discovers valve boxes, surveyor's pins, septic tanks, sewer lids, and other ferrous metal objects buried vertically in the ground.
  • Utilizes the proven principle of the dipping needle. It's unique "electric braking" feature prevents needle spin common to old style dipping needles, thereby reducing "finding time" - very cost efficient!
  • The Aqua Locator is factory calibrated for your geographic location and comes complete with a shoulder strap, carrying case, and easy to follow instructions.
  • Compact/Lightweight
  • Nothing to break down: No switches, wires, or batteries
  • Instant top-view reading on large dial face
  • Locates through sand, rocks, weeds, snow, etc.
  • Saves you many man-hours searching- saving you money!
  • Speeds service
  • With today's manpower costs you can't afford not having an Aqua on every service vehicle!
  The following is a series of steps in the use of the Aqua Magnetic Locator. Please follow them carefully for 100% satisfaction.
  1. Open flap on leather case. (Instrument need not be removed from case.) Turn AQUA on its side, bottom of case toward you, NW, N, NE dial level.
  2. Turn AQUA upright, point gold arrow on leather case to "N" as was indicated by instrument in step #1. (When leather case is very new, it is helpful to fold the flap down firmly so that it will remain in position while in use, and not obscure the dial.) Using carrying strap, lower instrument to just a few inches above ground, holding instrument carrying strap over four fingers. Holding strap by four fingers minimizes chances of instrument twisting out of position as you walk. Be sure that "N" is still pointing north.
  3. Begin "walking" the instrument in parallel paths, about 12 to 15 inches apart, until the red end of the needle dips and the black end of the needle appears. Find the point of maximum reading: that point at which black end comes nearest to "90" mark. At this point, walk at right angle to former path, still keeping instrument pointing toward north, until maximum reading is found on right angle path. This is the location of missing valve box or stake.
  When object to be located is very deep in the ground, or heavily covered, a full deflection to "90" mark cannot be expected. In cases of this kind, "70" or "75" may be the best reading obtainable.

In areas where there are high voltage overhead wires, there is usually electrical disturbance, which will cause the red end of the needle to show on dial. This does not hamper location operations. When over the object, red end will disappear and black end will appear on dial.

Where shrubbery or other obstructions prevent the strap method of holding the instrument, AQUA may be removed from its leather case and metal rim pulled up and used as a handle. However, whenever possible, keep AQUA in leather case, as a protection against possible damage from bumps and jolts.
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