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  AQUA designers have built in new efficiency in utilizing the tried and proven principle of the dipping needle. The features built into the AQUA magnetic locator insure you of perfect accuracy every time it is used. The AQUA eliminates the necessity of walking in awkward positions, such as the old style, conventional dipping needles. (This is accomplished by top view reading as pictured to the left.) Top view reading guarantees you consistent, quick, and accurate readings. It's unique "electric braking" feature prevents needle spin common to old style dipping needles, thereby reducing "finding time" - very cost efficient!
  Locate valve boxes, surveyor's pins, septic tanks, sewer lids and other ferrous metal objects. No other magnetic locator regardless of price can match its trouble-free operations. It is guaranteed to function perfectly, regardless of ground cover -- in weeds, rocks, sand or snow.
Used by:
 • Waterworks
 • Municipalities
 • Gas and Electric Companies
 • Surveyors
 • Engineers

Priced low enough to fit the budget of even the smallest city! Placed on every service car, it will pay for itself within a short time in man-hours saved!
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